Секреты torchlight 2

Artifact piece 1 is just to the right of the starting position. It's partially concealed by some ferns, but still easy enough to spot. There are several секреты torchlight 2 and small plants here that you can smash for studs and hearts, but watch out for the little red spiders that emerge when you bust up the greenery. You'll have to use Indy or Short Round to deal with them since Willie is terrified of bugs. Pick up the секреты torchlight 2 near the секреты torchlight 2 crates on the far side of the clearing. Then have one character hop onto one of the elephants. Секреты torchlight 2 close and press Free Tag, just as you would to get into a vehicle. Ride the секреты torchlight 2 across the mud pit and smash the small structure on the other side to free the dangling vine so the other characters секреты torchlight 2 cross. Grab a секреты torchlight 2 to use later on. Ride one of the elephants across the mud pit to the right and use the elephant to pick up секреты torchlight 2 box of LEGO bits. Press the Use button to make the elephant lift the box with its tusks. Carry секреты torchlight 2 back over the mud and drop it on the green plate to the left, just beneath the raised end of the drawbridge. NOTE: Elephants are also great for stomping on bugs and LEGO objects to get the studs without any of the nasty bites. Use an секреты torchlight 2 to lift the box of bits. Carry секреты torchlight 2 across the mud to the green plate. Use Willie to jump and grab the handrail spanning the snake pit on the left side of the road, opposite the mud pit you just crossed. Traverse to the other side of the pit and hop down. Use the jiggling pile of LEGOs to build a handle. Walk into it and then walk backward to pull it out, raising a plank bridge across the snake pit. Pick up the second box of LEGO bits, carry it across the pit and drop it on the other green plate near the drawbridge. Use the bits to build a whip platform. Stand Indy on it and use his whip to pull down the end of the drawbridge. Climb across the snake pit and raise the walkway. Carry the bits box to the green plate. Build a whip platform. Whip down the end of the drawbridge. Before crossing the bridge, make sure you've got the shovel from the first clearing and follow the path on the left down to the riverbank. Use the pile of bits to build a raft. Секреты torchlight 2 on and paddle down the river to the left. Or, just swim downstream. Секреты torchlight 2 onto the bank and dig up the sparkling area to unearth artifact piece 2. Build a raft and paddle downstream. Dig up the секреты torchlight 2 patch of earth. Return to the opposite bank where you started, go back up the path and continue to the left across the drawbridge. There's a swarm of spiders in the next clearing. Riding an elephant to stomp them is quick and easy, but you can also секреты torchlight 2 or whip them. When you've cleared the area, dig up the sparkling patch near the секреты torchlight 2 platform секреты torchlight 2 find a golden key. If you no longer have a shovel, there's another just on the other side of the mud pit. Whip swing over to get it. Секреты torchlight 2 whip swing or ride elephants across the mud to reach the spiked gate on the other секреты torchlight 2. Don't get too close to the deadly gate. Use the key to turn the mechanism that raises the spiked log so your characters can get through. Dig up the key near the whip platform. Use it to raise the spiked log. Once you've opened the gate with the key, have Indy swing back across the mud pit. Move to the edge of the mud on the left side and use the whip to snag a banana from the bunch growing there. Swing back across the mud and continue through the gate. There's a monkey sitting on a ledge on the left side of the road. It's holding the second golden key, which you'll need to open the next spiked gate. Target the monkey the same way you did the gangsters in the секреты torchlight 2 and throw the banana. The monkey will catch it and throw Indy the key. Use it секреты torchlight 2 crank open the gate and go through. Use the whip to grab a banana. Toss it to the monkey to get the key. On the other side, the road is infested with snakes and giant spiders. Indy will not go any farther until you deal with the snakes. Again, the quickest way is to get on one of the elephants and go stomping up the road. Even Indy doesn't mind squishing snakes this way. Once you've taken care of the first few snakes near the fork in the road, take a little detour for a treasure chest: Head to the left and whip swing across the deep pit. Dig up artifact piece 3. If you need another shovel, just follow the road back to the whip platform just before the first секреты torchlight 2 gate. The shovel should have reappeared there. Swing across the pit beyond the second gate. Continue up the road to the palace. Maneuver one of the elephants onto the platform on the left. The pachyderm's weight lowers the platform, секреты torchlight 2 the portcullis. To get out of the pit afterward, hop off the elephant and climb секреты torchlight 2 ladder. Then position one of your characters on one of the 3 orange секреты torchlight 2 on the right. The others should automatically move onto their buttons, opening the huge doors so you can enter the palace. Move an elephant onto the platform and stand on the buttons to open the gate. After the cut scene, in which Indy and friends meet the royal residents and enjoy an exotic banquet, a group of секреты torchlight 2 guards attacks. Once you've fought them off, search the секреты torchlight 2 for a way out. There are lots of objects here that can be smashed for studs. There's also a rectangular piece on the table that looks out of place. Grab it and insert it into the mechanism next to the door. Then step onto the whip platform on the balcony and use Indy's whip to ring the huge bell. This causes a golden key to fall from above—and also attracts the attention of more guards. Deal with them and then use the key in the mechanism beside the door to open an alcove just to the right. Pull the lever in the alcove to open the big doors on the left. Use the block on the table to fix the lock. Use the whip to ring the bell and get the key. Open the alcove to access секреты torchlight 2 door lever. As you follow the hallway, several groups of palace guards appear. These guys aren't especially dangerous. Some even секреты torchlight 2 scimitars you can pick up and use to fight the others. There's секреты torchlight 2 Kali statue at the second bend in the hall. You won't be able to use it in Story Mode, but be sure to smash the potted plant in the alcove next to it, since this conceals artifact piece 4. PARCEL: In Free Play, in the first room with the banquet table, use a female character to jump from the white barrel in the corner to the ledge above. If you also have a character with explosives or glass-breaking ability Willie can do bothshatter the windows and get a few extra studs. Switch to Indy секреты torchlight 2 whip swing across to the opposite ledge, where you'll find the parcel. Grab it and hop down. Carry the parcel along the hallway until you come to the Kali statue. Use a Thuggee character to activate it and open the secret panel on the right, revealing the mailbox. Mail the parcel back to the college. Then, if you've already collected all the artifact pieces you can save and quit. This is the секреты torchlight 2 pick-up that requires special abilities that aren't available in Story Секреты torchlight 2. Later, when you've finished the level and returned togo to the Mail Room and pay the postage due to unlock the Extra associated with this parcel. In this case, 70,000 studs unlocks the "Poo Treasure" Extra. See for more info. Use a female to jump onto the corner ledge. Break the windows for more studs. Whip swing over to the parcel. Use the Kali statue to reveal the mailbox. Continue to the end of the hall and take out a few more guards. Enter the bedroom on the right and deal with another squad of guards. If секреты torchlight 2 want to, you can use the jiggling pile of bits to build a canopy above the секреты torchlight 2. This will enable Willie to reach some studs hovering near the ceiling. Bust open the purple wardrobe to the right of the doorway to find artifact piece 5. Use Willie's glass-breaking scream to shatter the display case beside the wardrobe. Then grab the секреты torchlight 2 book inside. Take it back into the hallway. Break the glass секреты torchlight 2 get the book. Push the round potted plant along the checkerboard floor tile to slide the bookcase aside, exposing a glyph puzzle. Use the character holding the blue секреты torchlight 2 to activate the секреты torchlight 2. To solve it, watch the sequence of lighted glyphs then activate the glyphs in the same sequence. Solving the puzzle opens a secret секреты torchlight 2. Follow it to a second guestroom. Push the plant to reveal the glyph puzzle. Solve it to open a secret passage. Push the bed секреты torchlight 2 the right along the checkerboard floor. Have Willie climb on top and jump over to the whip platform. She can't swing across, but she can jump high enough to reach artifact piece 6. Next, have Indy jump up to the whip platform and swing across to the opposite ledge. Pull the lever there to open a hatch and секреты torchlight 2 a pile of bricks onto the floor. Use these to build секреты torchlight 2 handle on the LEGO statue and then pull it to open another secret passage. Push the bed to the right and use it to reach the whip platform. Swing over to the lever and pull it. Build a handle for the statue and pull it. Watch out for the lava секреты torchlight 2 as you make your way along this tunnel. At the first pit that spans the entire width of the passage, jump to grab the секреты torchlight 2 vine. Then jump into the small alcove on the right to get artifact piece 7. Jump back to the vine and continue forward. When you enter the large cavern ahead, look to the left for artifact piece 8. Switch to Willie секреты torchlight 2 jump up and snag it. Continue along the edge of the chasm to the right. Switch to Short Round, use the pile of bits to build a crawlspace and go through to emerge on the ledge above on the right. Jump to grab the dangling rope. Leave Short Round hanging and switch to Indiana Jones. Return to the left and pull the lever to extend a ladder enabling you to climb onto the ledge above. Whip swing across the gap and then jump to grab the other vine, to the left of the doorway. This raises a ledge with handholds so Willie can climb up. Go through the doorway to the next room. Build a crawlspace and go through. Jump to grab the vine. Pull the lever to extend a ladder. Climb up and whip swing to the right. Grab the other vine. Willie refuses to cross the spider-filled pit. So have Indy whip swing across, grab a torch from the wall and carry it back across the pit. The torchlight will repel the spiders so Indy can lead his friends back to the other side. Whip swing across the spider pit. Use a torch to clear the way for the others. Stand Indy on the whip platform on the left and use his whip to yank the planks away from the nearby doorway. Enter the alcove to cause a skeleton to drop from above. Smash it to reveal artifact piece 9. Then have each character stand on one of the 3 buttons to open the door. Use the whip to open the alcove on the left. Step in and a skeleton drops down. Step on the buttons to open the секреты torchlight 2. On the way down the next flight of stairs, smash the objects on the right to find artifact piece 10. When you approach the next door, it opens automatically. Just inside, there's a purple stud worth 10,000. Stand Indy on the whip platform and yank the ring on the wall. This activates a trap, in which spikes protrude from the ceiling and it begins to descend. Quickly smash the 2 skeletons that also drop down from above to make them explode секреты torchlight 2 boxes of LEGO bits. Place the bits on the green plates and use them to build a column that stops the ceiling from descending any further. A door opens on the right, and a cut scene shows Indy and friends escaping, only to discover more trouble ahead. Don't miss the purple stud. Pull the ring to activate the trap. Smash the skeletons to get LEGO bits. Build a column to stop the spiked ceiling. Walkthrough text and original images copyright © Stellalune. Please see the for detailed copyright information. No part of this website may be reproduced without permission.

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