Перевод песни swag it out

Трек получился очень качественным и атмосферным, так что, если вы соскучились по фирменному исполнению короля юга, то рекомендуем не терять времени и немедленно перейти к изучению текста новинки. I need a bag 'bout a hundred fifty Gs. Check, run it, all hundred. Check, run it, all hundred. Check, run it, all hundred. Check, run it, all hundred. I'm superstitious, no lie. Verse 1 I tell you no lie. I be everywhere you go, guy. Over here every hoe who go by. Ay doubling up is all I'm about. Man one or two million перевод песни swag it out all in the house. I'm calling them shot. Get all of them shots. Hate me till your stomach is all in or not. Boy I'm already hot I'm already rich. THey be still calling itand calling it swag. Hook Verse 2 I got a thick cheque coming with the commas all on it. Audemar shine like some, don't it. Tell him you can keep your baby mama I don't want it. Can you hear me? Go tell the promoter hundred racks for an appearance. Go play in another city rap before I'm here. Like you all in love with her. Everybody know what's up with her. Ayy, run a перевод песни swag it out like a flat pole. I been getting it since Kermit the Frog was a tadpole.

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